Reducing sewage discharges to sea

Many towns and cities are located around the coast, and have traditionally relied on sewage discharge through long sea outfalls. But this water is lost. Water companies should be encouraged/incentivised to return treated sewage discharges to a point in the river system where the water is still useful, rather than  discharging it direct to sea.

Why the contribution is important

Discharges back into the river system provide environmental benefits by increasing base flows and support abstractions by downstream users. But discharges through long sea outfalls are totally lost to the system. Ideally, all reutrn flows should be put back at the point of abstraction; if that is impractical we should at least encourage/incentivise water companies to return it to somewhere it is still useful.

by KeithWeatherhead on October 01, 2014 at 03:13PM

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