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With Global Warming, Food Miles and Food Waste and Obesity, Depression on the other hand .. isn't it a good time to teach young teenagers .. (especailly those that may not want academic qualifications .. and would be much happier and fitter working outside on the land) .. basic farming skills, friut growing skills, tree planting and management skills, and carpentry skills.

I would like rural areas to be restored to their previous abundant use, with orchards, friut bushes, small market gardens, woods, beehives etc. Britains Green and Pleasant Land .. is so precious and yet there aren't many small farms, market gardens with green houses, orchards, etc across the uk. I would like the government to put Market Gardening, Friut Growing, Bee Keeping, Carpentry (without machines) Tree Planting, etc on the National Curriculum and encourage small villages to flourish again by producing food, honey, cheese etc that is Greatly needed in the nearest town or city... before it's too late and young people are obese, depressed (and on drugs), complacent, out of touch with nature, stressed, addicted to computers, fashion etc. I know this country needs Consumers but it could be training people to produce that that induces good health and happiness rather than stuff (and Stuff Creates Stress) .. that we don't really need and China is producing and selling so cheaply anyway.


Why the contribution is important

With so many young people and older people getting obese, depressed, lazy and out of touch with nature, I think it's vitally important for the mental and physical health of this country to get people working back on the land and producing much more food on the outskirts of cities. With so many young people addicted to computers and with such apalling rates of depression and obesity at large.. can't the government make a massive investment in local rural food, honey, friut production and Put Farming on the Curriculum in Schools and Colleges .. as an option before it's too late and Farmers become extinct. There isn't enough food grown in this country to supply the cities with fresh local food. 

Teenagers Need That as an Option to give them a) Hope for the future b)Skills for the future c) Fresh air and Exercise d) a Sense of Purpose, Responsibility and Satisfaction.

Young people need to be trained to use their bodies and hands .. not just to be sat by a machine or computer all day. We have become a nation of stressed, over weight consumers because we have thrown the baby out with the bath water .. And lost too much of what made this country delightful.


by DDylan on February 16, 2016 at 08:30PM

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