Removal of 6 Day Livestock Standstill to Improve Traceability

The 6 day stand still was brought in following FMD as a way of slowing down any disease transmission in livestock. At the time there was little individual ID of animals and no effective databases for monitoring livestock movements.

There should now be the databases and all livestock have an individual ID although sheep may still be moved by batch. Having effective electronic systems should remove all the burden of paperwork from farmers, markets and livestock hauliers thus speeding up the transfer of data and improving the accuracy.

Why the contribution is important

Many farmers in areas where there are no abattoirs and rely entirely on markets and collection centres are very restricted when they can move animals, normally most livestock moves take place on the same day as the local market. This then means that the farm can sell animals the next week. 

It causes a lot of disruption for livestock hauliers and can mean that the information on livestock movements is less accurate than it could be. In the event of a disease outbreak it could be more difficult to check these movements. 

Removing the 6 days would also remove the requirement for farmers to have many different holding numbers therefore simplifying the entire movement and tracing system.

by frankthewool on December 15, 2015 at 06:52AM

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