Officially endorsing breaking the rules to aid innovation

Innovation requires rules to be broken or new ideas to be tried by definition and thus all regulations, if rigorously enforced with no room for exceptions, even if trying something new, in effect stifles innovation.  There needs to be a mechanism whereby businesses can apply to try something new which may improve productivity and sustainability even if this is outside current regulations.  Of course this must not be an automatic right, but would need approval on a case by case basis to ensure H&S or other fundamental constraints are not transgressed, but unless we let businesses try new approaches innovation is seriously constrained.

Why the contribution is important

Businesses which are innovative need to be given space to try new approaches and itis vital that we harness their innovative spirit.  Showng that regulators are willing to allow businesses to try new approaches which may provide a better solution would enable farms to be more creative.  Areas where this could be relevant include stewardship, where the current prescriptions are restrictive - a more open innovative approach could lead to the creation of new land management ideas which are more effective.

by martincollison on December 20, 2015 at 08:01AM

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