Involving primary producers in R&D

In any food and farming research area if there is government investment we need to ensure there is more emphasis placed on the involvement of primary producers. This should include facilitating access to grant funding by simplifying the application process and making access to funds easier. Often, even when there is funding available, e.g through RDPE FFIS, it is difficult for producers to access the money because of the conditions attached.  For example, a significant proportion of our industry is made of up outdoor pig units, which tend to be on rented land.  These farms therefore have to move fairly frequently and so cannot guarantee that new technology will be in place long-term. 

Similarly, other European governments support their pig industry in trialling or rolling out new innovations. For example in Denmark, pig producers are receiving government support to access EU subsidy to convert their farrowing crates to free-farrowing systems. 

Why the contribution is important

Even when funding for innovation is avaiable, it is often too difficult for pig producers to access it.

by GCrayford on January 05, 2016 at 12:01PM

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