Enabling collaborative networks and clusters

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Lets get more support and better leadership from DEFRA to engage collaborative networks, business hubs and clusters. 

The enabling regulation would be...

Each region has an innovation hub. Funding would need to be allocated to each hub for cluster/network development - a bit like the EU COST actions. Any business (or network thereof) can apply for support (training and grant for meetings and dissemination). The hub helps the region to develop clusters/networks and match makes businesses with the appropriate networks.

There are some really good tools and frameworks out there allready.

So an example - I run a fish farm - I'd like to connect with others in my production value chain. Together we want to leverage the industry for all of us. We'd like to save money, be more efficient, share infrastructure, sell internationally as a group... it would be great to have space and some grants to enable that group to meet face to face and determine what to do, how, who etc as well as to keep abrest of the state-of-the-art coming out of research. 

Why the contribution is important

It is widely suggested that improving performance or forstering greater innovation requires collaboration - and not just shallow levels of working together.

Generative collaboration costs time and money in the short term and that is very costly to a business operating close to its margins (which many are).

PLUS the skills required for Collaboration arn't widespread so we need to be better at working together.

Greater support including access to grants for establishing, facilitating and developing collaborations would be a huge enabler.

This would fit under

  • Chapter 3 - A highly skilled workforce, with employers in the driving seat (clusters to contribute their experiences to regulators to ensure appropriate regulation)
  • Chapter 8 - High quality science and innovation, spreading fast (through the clusters)
  • Chapter 13 - Open and competitive markets with the minimum of regulation (self-organising regulation established through clusters)
  • Chapter 14 - A trading nation open to international investment (more competitive through networks)
  • Shame there's no mention of sustainability in this lot... the innovations that will be prominent in the future are for the most part allready here - just not made the transition to 'norm' yet... but which ones do we actually WANT to be around? 

by AliceMarie on January 05, 2016 at 02:04PM

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