A Single Database For All Livestock Movements

Having 3 different databases for cattle, sheep and pigs is illogical. 

A single entry point for all livestock would be much less complicated. It might also be the catalyst to finally removing paper from the system. Having to fill in movement licences and sign cattle passports when all the rest of the system is on line looks to be unneccessary.

The sheep database is not fit for purpose anyway and is so inaccurate as to not be of any use at all. It is hard to use and over 90% of sheep farmers do not use it as they cannot access it easily.

The need for the 6 day standstill is redundant if there was an efficient and accurate database and needs to be considered first in order to simplify the movement systems. Individual ID of animals should mean that there is no necessity to have the 6 day stand still providing that those animals do not move again or are isolated.

Why the contribution is important

Having a simpler system for livestock movements would make it easier to use and therefore more farmers would use the online system making accuracy and inputting more reliable, It would aslo make disease control more effective and timely.


by frankthewool on December 15, 2015 at 06:33AM

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