Standardised use of EO data for land management

As InnovateUK we welcome and encourage the use of Earth Observaitons data from Satellite and other sourses for Land Managements and to address all sorts of commerical and societal needs. The EO sector remains geared toward an institiual customer, be if for science, governance or disaster response but the wider market is changing. Defining standards for govt data use (and reuse) would simplfy access for govt offices and uses. DEFRA is in an optimal position to initiate and lead such a programmes, as a first customer,

We do in fact have a funding compeititon for use of satellites in agri-food, in partnership with NERC, which could be a platform for exploring such a platform with many business expressing an interest in developing such a platform.

Why the contribution is important

Open data standards are slowing catching up with the EO market but there is still a two step process between data acquisition (by the satellite) & calibration and final impplentation. "off the shlef" end solutions are far and few between. to data a vibrant service community, largely of SMEs have served this need on a bespoke baisis, providing the relevant information that is need for the relevant decision or analsys by the end user.  This is howver becomeing a barrier, as data supply and demand rises companies are stuglling to scale to meet thier customers needs.

 As DEFRA expands it's use  there is an oppetunity to standardise products which can in turn be automated so data acquisition can be simple and undertaken by any end user or decision maker, without expert intervention.  Utliising existing government serivces such as Gcloud coudl furhter simplfy access to data.

Innovate UK and and our associaited services (KTN and Catapults) woudl be happy to discuss and assist further. We do in fact have a funding compeititon for use of satellites in

by TimJust on January 08, 2016 at 09:15AM

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