Level Playing field

with the reduction of staff and more objectives being placed on to stakeholders the briefing and electronic briefing documents need to be regularly updated

briefing meetings for review and implementation of different sectors that already currently happens with DEFRA needs to be rolled out to the agencies as well

Why the contribution is important

All agencies should interpret from what ever office they are based be working from the same information

National organisations such as ourseleves met with DEFRA on a regular basis and take part in evaluation and consultations

The agencies need to be sure to be including ALL stakeholders and meet with them for example at the begining and end of each show season to work WITH the stakeholders re matters of concern both ways

there will be good and bad on bothsides and we must all be prepared to work together to achive the proper and correct goal

by ASAO on January 06, 2016 at 01:50PM

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