Animal Gathering Forms

For each application a form has to be completed. Most of the forms are on an annual basis - which are then entered and signed off and sent out to the initial form filler as a lic

As the AHPLA have to send out the forms and to our horror we understand there is no official AGO data base !! yet forms are sent out automatically - so how is this initiated !!

These forms should be sent out automatically by email not post as currently undertaken - and then these can be electonically signed and sent back therfore speeding up the process saving time all round and maintaining a traceable database


Why the contribution is important

For tracability and disease monitoring this would set up a system to be available for control of any incident cureently this is not available


Ease of the review system for DEFRA AHPLA and the usuers

by ASAO on January 06, 2016 at 01:42PM

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