In July 2012 Defra, on behalf of the Scottish Government and Welsh Government conducted a public consultation on increasing the statutory fees for services delivered in relation to Bovine Embryos, Bovine Semen, Porcine Semen (collectively known as Artificial Breeding Controls (ABCs)), Poultry Health Scheme, Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) and Salmonella National Control Programme (NCP) to achieve full cost recovery (FCR) for these services.

A phased increase to fees was chosen for ABCs, Poultry Health Scheme and BIPs with the first step made in June 2013, moving towards FCR in 2014. In June 2013 fees and services delivered under the Salmonella NCP, which were already at FCR, were amended in line with costs.

Following the introduction of a revised FCR model (in line with HM Treasury guidance) and efficiency work undertaken, in the majority of cases the further revision of the fees will be lower than the FCR amounts originally forecast in the 2012 public consultation. At this stage we cannot be specific about the revisions to individual fees and charges.

To ensure that you have an opportunity to consider these changes, AHVLA intend to undertake a further public consultation in Summer 2014, when we will provide further detail of the revisions on individual fees and charges. We aim to introduce revised fees during the final quarter of 2014. 

Further updates will be placed on the AHVLA’s website Changes to existing fees for statutory services « Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency

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Before the launch of the formal public consultation in Summer 2014, AHVLA would like to hear your views and comments informally on how moving to full cost recovery (FCR) in relation to Bovine Embryos, Bovine Semen, Porcine Semen (collectively known as Artificial Breeding Controls [ABC]), Poultry Health Scheme, Salmonella NCP and BIPs is likely to impact on you and your business.

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What happens next?
This discussion will close on 30 May 2014. We will consider all comments raised and take them forward into the formal consultation which we anticipate will start in Summer 2014.

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