As part of the Red Tape Challenge, Defra committed itself to a fundamental overhaul of its guidance and information requests to make them simpler, quicker and clearer to use. Outline proposals were developed and published as part of the Smarter Environmental Regulation Review: Phase 1 report on Defra guidance and information obligations. Detailed plans for improvements were then developed and shared for feedback through a website.

A consultation-stage Impact Assessment was developed which estimates the projected costs and benefits of these reforms Defra Guidance & Data Reforms. An open consultation to gain further feedback on the key assumptions used in the calculations was performed online and received over 70 responses from businesses, individuals and other agencies. Further feedback was gained through discussions with the Red Tape Challenge Group. This closed dialogue consultation aims to build on the information we have received so far and provide advice on how to improve the ‘best-estimates’ for the key underlying assumptions.

What we would like your help with:

The consultation responses highlighted three assumptions where the ‘best-estimate’ may have either over-estimated or under-estimated the situation in real life: The percentage of time spent on complying with Defra Regulation spent on familiarisation; the proportion of time spent on reading and understanding guidance that is saved following the guidance reforms; and; and the reduction of the percentage of businesses spend on external consultants. We want to hear views on how to improve these assumptions to improve the accuracy of our overall calculations.

There are three open dialogues which provide further background for each assumption and our key questions.

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