Please note: This dialogue consultation has now closed, thank you to all of you who took part and contributed ideas and suggestions.


Welcome, we need your ideas on how we should improve DefraLex, Defra's live list of legislation in force.

We have a number of ideas that would like your input on, please do get involved. 

We shall review suggestions and where a good idea exists we shall consider these as part of future development plans. 

Caution: DefraLex is still being developed and is being distributed as an alpha launch. At present, the information provided should not be regarded as complete or authoritative since Defra is still in the process of adding, refining and checking data.

Deadline for comments and ideas: 14 May 2014 (5 week initial dialogue)

Please be aware that the username you choose when registering will be displayed if you make or reply to a comment.  Please therefore consider whether you wish to anonymise your username to ensure that no information is personally identifiable, eg, 'DSmith' rather than Darren Smith.

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