Use Pig Disease Eradication Fund Reserves

This reserve fund which is held by a company linked with the NFU should be used to help combat PEDv spread. We have been Aujesky's free since 1991, surely it is time for DEFRA, Pig Vet Society, AHDB Pork and NPA to get their heads together to release this fund to face existing disease threats such as PEDv, rather than keep it locked away for another 25 years. Those of us that have been in the industry long enough know only too well that threats from a specific pig diseases change over time.

Pig keepers paid the MLC levy to fund the Pig Disease Eradication Fund in the 1980's. It is our money to fight pig diseases. Just get together, use some common sense and if necessary pass the appropriate legislation to allow this fund to be used to help combat existing disease threats to the UK Pig Industry. If you do not do this now, it will be too late after UK pig production has been wiped out by the economic effects of this latest pig disease.    

Why the contribution is important

Pig keepers cannot afford to pay extra AHDB levies in the current economic climate faced by pig producers. 

by stuartbosworth on August 17, 2015 at 09:33PM

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