Is notification-lite really of benefit in limiting disease spread

What is the point of making it notifiable if there is no restriction on movements from infected premises? Experience from other disease outbreaks makes it very unlikely that voluntary movement restrictions would be observed for a variety of reasons including economic considerations, labour demands and space availability

Why the contribution is important

Action is only justifiable if it makes a significant contribution to minimising the impact of this potentially devastating disease. The proposal could be viewed as window dressing

by markecwhite on August 14, 2015 at 07:58AM

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  • Posted by ZoeDavies August 14, 2015 at 11:33

    Good point Mark, but for us, the whole point of this exercise is to enable us to deal with any outbreak as quickly and cleanly as possible to limit impact on the whole of the industry. Currently if there is a suspected case, Defra aren't able to tell the industry about it or where it is in the country, so until confirmed or otherwise we are powerless. This act of statutory notification means that as soon as a case has been suspected, it legally has to be notified to Government who in turn will notify the industry. We can then work as quickly as possible to share information to those that might be affected so that they can take appropriate action to protect themselves. Indsutry will also be able to help the affected producer and their vet if the case does indeed prove positive to determine the best course of action to burn it out as soon as possible and limit spread. Of course this works on best case scenario that there will only be a handful of cases, but it is more likely that there will only be a handful of cases as if not made notifiable at all, there would be no requirement or incentive for people to control the disease! As for movement restrictions, I take your point that any action would have to be effective, but here we have to put faith in the pig farmers to do the right thing once the scale of any outbreak has been identified. Of course we will know who and where they are so with the whole industry watching them I am sure that many would be convinced of the benefits of doing so if needed. It worked for the Canadians so no reason that it shouldn't work for us too.
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