AHDB Pork has launched a Contingency Plan for the Control and Elimination of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea. Defra is considering if the contingency plan would be more effective should  PEDv be notifiable in England and we were able to share farm identification and other details of suspected or confirmed cases with AHDB Pork. Key pig industry bodies, including the Pig Veterinary Society, the National Pig Association, the British Pig Association together with AHDB Pork, want Defra to put this legislation in place because they believe it would assist with the early identification and containment of any disease outbreak and so increase the likelihood of eliminating the disease.

What is this discussion topic about? On balance Defra and the industry working   group  think that bringing in legislation to make PEDv notifiable and enabling Defra to share this with AHDB Pork would offer greater benefits rather than drawbacks. A Q&A https://defra.dialogue-app.com/theme_uploads/Pedvqa prepared jointly by Defra and industry explains the background to our proposal.

A PEDv case definition https://defra.dialogue-app.com/theme_uploads/porcineepidemicdiarrhoeadefinitions prepared by the Pig Veterinary Society and the Pig Expert Group led by APHA is available to assist in identifying relevant clinical signs.

Defra would only supply outbreak data to an appropriate industry body, currently AHDB Pork, to support their Contingency Plan http://pork.ahdb.org.uk/health-welfare/health/emerging-diseases/pedv/.   Defra and AHDB Pork would comply with Data Protection Act requirements.

Defra does not propose to impose any further legal obligations, such as movement controls or culling, on producers.

What we would like your help with: We want to hear views from pig producers and owners, veterinarians, advisers and allied industries on our proposal to legislate to make PEDv notifiable and to release outbreak data to an appropriate industry body (currently this would be AHDB Pork) so AHDB Pork can offer support to affected farmers and nearby farms.

What happens next:  This site will remain open for ideas and comments until 1 September 2015. The working group will listen to your views before taking a final decision.  Defra will have further conversations with industry bodies before any new legislation is brought into force and pig keepers will be kept fully informed.

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